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A Bit About Shirley

Shirley Anthony is a sought-after Marketing professional who is an author, speaker and owner of Marketing Breakthroughs, a Marketing consultancy operating for over 20 years. She has successfully undertaken over 100 marketing assignments and consulted in 25 industries including cellular, information technology, travel, engineering food, cosmetics, architecture and banking.

Her Background

Prior to founding her consulting practice, Shirley worked in the fast-moving consumer-goods sector – holding senior positions (from Product Manager to Marketing Director) in multi-nationals such as Permark (now Procter & Gamble), Bristol-Myers Squibb, Beecham SA and Chesebrough-Pond’s. She has lectured in Marketing at Wits Business School.

Her Passion

As the author of The NEW Entrepreneur, Shirley has combined her vast business experience with the insights of other successful entrepreneurs, to provide practical tools for both would-be entrepreneurs and business owners in initiating and maintaining a successful business. Using the content of her book as inspiration, she coaches entrepreneurs on her Master Your Marketing Formula Coaching Programme and is an accomplished keynote speaker and workshop presenter.

Her Promise

Shirley has a proven track record in marketing management, product and business development, profit generation and return on investment. She will bring a fresh perspective to any of your marketing and communication needs, from the conducting of dipstick research to the creation and implementation of strategies, to the providing of keynote presentations and workshops.

To discuss any of your requirements, please contact Shirley.


BA English & Psychology (Rhodes)

Damelin Marketing Management Certificate

MAP (Wits Business School)

PRISA Certificate

Quirk Accredited Digital Marketer


Shirley Anthony’s presentations and workshops are engaging and memorable for her enthusiasm, insightfulness and energy.

Drawing on the practical content from her book, The NEW Entrepreneur, Shirley combines her own learnings and that of many other successful entrepreneurs.

Shirley used her wealth of experience to provide great insights related to entrepreneurship. She is a passionate and engaging presenter and the students loved the presentation.

Liesl Allen

Entrepreneurship Lecturer and Facilitator - AAA School of Advertising


In The NEW Entrepreneur, Shirley Anthony provides you, the would-be entrepreneur or business owner, with practical tools to assess the viability of your business idea and to test its potential; to help you market it, attract customers and adopt winning strategies.

Not just a marketing guide, her book also highlights some of the personal challenges you may face in business and offers tips in dealing with them.

The NEW Entrepreneur, written for existing business owners and new entrepreneurs, is unlike many books in this genre, as it brings an extremely strong and welcome marketing orientation to entrepreneurship.

B. Peter Vundla

Businessman - Co-Founder of Herdbuoys
(first South African black-owned advertising agency)