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Reinvent Yourself

When should you consider a change in career or your life?  When is the best time to launch a new product? The answer: when you are experiencing success.  It’s then that you have the enthusiasm and energy to channel in a new direction. Initiate a Second Curve I’ve recently been reading a book by management […]

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Do’s and Don’t for your Website

A professional and well functioning website is the cornerstone of an Internet marketing campaign.  Your online articles and social media posts should drive traffic to your website, providing the opportunity to present your product and make an irresistible offer. Do the thinking first Don’t start working on your website design before you’ve considered its role […]

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Writing Online – First Impressions Count!

Just as when we meet a new person, first impressions of online content will determine whether or not we engage and for how long. Your online copy needs to have a compelling headline, a well structured layout and look easy to read. Here are four tips to bear in mind when you’re writing online copy, […]

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Differentiate your product by branding!

Nowadays it’s so easy for a product to be copied, that even if you are first to market, you will soon be joined by competitors, particularly if your business segment is a growing and profitable one. To ensure your product occupies a unique space in the mind of your consumer, you need to give it […]

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What’s the best Marketing plan for my business?

I’m often asked this question and my answer is always the same.  Good Marketing planning begins with good fact collection and analysis – of your business performance, your environment and the market in which you operate. This is Business Situational Analysis and should be the first step in your Marketing planning process.  It will highlight […]

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Effective Technique (and a GIFT) To Manage Your Business Stress

Below is just one of the stress relief exercises recommended by Bridget Edwards, a good friend of mine and author of the self-help and practical book, “Stress Gone!” Although this technique is simple, don’t underestimate its efficacy.  It’s also sufficiently discreet for you to use whenever and wherever you’re feeling anxious; be you about to […]

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Go The Extra Mile in 2016!

What differentiates you from your competition?  How can you make that lasting impression on your customer to secure their unwavering loyalty Make sure you deliver on your promise We’ve all had that experience – a company states that its customers come first and then when we have a problem with their product or service, we […]

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Discover in 5 Minutes What Makes You Tick!

Have you ever wondered why you do what you do?  Why do you react in a certain way? What drives your decision-making, both in your personal and business life? It’s that time of year when we relax, kick off our shoes and perhaps do a little self-exploring. With this in mind, I’ve just completed the […]

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