A Guaranteed Way To Grow Your Sales….

Can you identify with the situation where you’re not meeting your monthly sales targets?  You’re motivation and your confidence are taking a knock?  You’re blaming a tight economy… but are you in fact having the right sales conversations?   Here’s how to initiate these and with whom…

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Present Your Price with Confidence!

Stage fright!   Does this describe the feeling you have when presenting the price of your product or service to a prospect.  Your interaction up till that point goes well but suddenly when you get to the price reveal, you get all tongue tied and unsure of yourself. Here are 5 steps to assist you to […]

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What Should YOU and Roger Federer Have In Common?

Do I hear you spontaneously say, “Fame, fortune and a high-flying lifestyle!”  Look a bit deeper, however, and tennis champion, Roger Federer, displays many qualities which make him an ideal role model for any budding entrepreneur or business owner.

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My Gift to YOU…

Wouldn’t it be great if you had FREE access to the world’s most popular digital expert before developing your website, using Google AdWords or posting on social media to target new customers? The good news is that now you do! Simply click on https://www.redandyellow.co.za/textbook and you have free, lifetime access to the about-to-be published 6th […]

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What makes you do what you do and why do you react in a certain way? Gain an insight into this question by taking the free Barrett Personal Values Assessment.  The exercise will literally take you 5 minutes from the time you highlight your selected values to the arrival of your free personal report in […]

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It Pays NOT To Focus On The Bottom Line!

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Imagine implementing a Marketing campaign without the intent of making money.  This is exactly the strategy followed by UK food retailing group, East of England Co-Op.  They’ve found a way to address a major environmental problem in their industry, whilst simultaneously offering their shoppers a good deal. This highlights the importance of carefully evaluating those […]

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Do You ACT On Your Serendipity Moments?

“In all our lives, a thumbnail of opportunity presents itself.  Most of us tend to walk past it or ignore it.  It happens serendipitously; a chance meeting, a lunch, a late night discussion with friends where someone mentions an invention and everybody goes ‘Wow, that could be game-changing’ and nobody does anything about it.” “Be […]

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Bill Gates Gets Toppled

Bill Gates is no longer the richest man in the world.  On Friday, 27 October 2017, Jeff Bezos moved into this number one slot with Amazon’s share price rallying by 13.2%, giving Bezos a personal fortune of $93.1 billion ($3.1 billion more than Gates). One of the ways in which Jeff Bezos is spear heading […]

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Need a kick in the pants…?

Sometimes we all do… when we procrastinate and fail to take action.  As a result, we run the risk of missing out on opportunities.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the stuff that distracts us like surfing the Internet, checking our phone, posting on social media. What we need to do is focus […]

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IT Affects YOU Big-Time!

What is IT?  It’s change. We all experience change and in today’s fast paced world it’s coming at us at even faster rate.  We can make it our ally and embrace it; or we can hope it goes away and suffer the consequences.  (Just think of the demise of photographic giant, Kodak – they ignored […]

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