It Pays NOT To Focus On The Bottom Line!

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Imagine implementing a Marketing campaign without the intent of making money.  This is exactly the strategy followed by UK food retailing group, East of England Co-Op.  They’ve found a way to address a major environmental problem in their industry, whilst simultaneously offering their shoppers a good deal. This highlights the importance of carefully evaluating those […]

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Do You ACT On Your Serendipity Moments?

“In all our lives, a thumbnail of opportunity presents itself.  Most of us tend to walk past it or ignore it.  It happens serendipitously; a chance meeting, a lunch, a late night discussion with friends where someone mentions an invention and everybody goes ‘Wow, that could be game-changing’ and nobody does anything about it.” “Be […]

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Bill Gates Gets Toppled

Bill Gates is no longer the richest man in the world.  On Friday, 27 October 2017, Jeff Bezos moved into this number one slot with Amazon’s share price rallying by 13.2%, giving Bezos a personal fortune of $93.1 billion ($3.1 billion more than Gates). One of the ways in which Jeff Bezos is spear heading […]

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Need a kick in the pants…?

Sometimes we all do… when we procrastinate and fail to take action.  As a result, we run the risk of missing out on opportunities.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the stuff that distracts us like surfing the Internet, checking our phone, posting on social media. What we need to do is focus […]

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IT Affects YOU Big-Time!

What is IT?  It’s change. We all experience change and in today’s fast paced world it’s coming at us at even faster rate.  We can make it our ally and embrace it; or we can hope it goes away and suffer the consequences.  (Just think of the demise of photographic giant, Kodak – they ignored […]

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Are you Guilty of…?

I know that I certainly am… guilty of reacting in the moment when faced with difficult situations or people.  It’s ego driven, full of emotion and inevitably has negative repercussions. Reacting versus Responding Reacting instinctively to trying personal or business circumstances literally closes down the options you have to positively resolve the situation. So what’s […]

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Crack Your Bottom to Grow Your Top!

Sound like gobbledygook?  This is a strategy adopted by some very successful businesses. They establish themselves in the bottom end of the market and then expand, attracting top end clients.  They hone in on what consumers want, cut the frills and provide a low cost, quality product. Here’s the recipe that three companies, in very […]

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6 Minutes – That’s All It Takes To…

This is the length of “Bohemian Rhapsody”, rock star, Freddie Mercury and Queen’s first hit single in 1975.  6 minutes that launched them on their path to international fame that continues even today. This week I heard a radio interview with someone who knew Freddie Mercury well at college and it got me thinking about […]

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Tap Into Half A Billion Potential Customers!

A targeted audience, the ability to network one-on-one, conversation starters to assist you when you initially approach a prospect – these are just some of the opportunities that LinkedIn can offer you. With over 500 million members it’s the largest professional networking platform.  Here’s how you can unleash its potential for your business. Focus on […]

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Technology Ensures You’re NOT Just A Number!

A key benefit of Digital Marketing is that we can measure the impact of all our online campaigns.  We have access to the data – who downloaded our opt-in offer, how many people visited our website, what our customers purchased. The irony is that it’s data, powered by digital technology, which is now allowing marketers […]

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