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What Should You and Richard Branson Have In Common?

Well, you’re probably thinking it’s that billionaire pound status (and wouldn’t we all like that!).  But I’m referring to Richard Branson’s constant quest to keep close to his customers and understand them. This is critical to any entrepreneur’s success and probably one of the key contributors to Sir Richard acquiring a business empire with over […]

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Navigate The Potholes

Entrepreneurship has its high and lows.  There are going to be patches of rough terrain on your journey to success.  You need to have tactics which will allow you, in some instances, to circumvent a pothole, or in other cases when you hit it head on, to manage the situation and bounce back. What successful […]

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Woo Your Customers!

There are strong similarities between customer prospecting and the dating game.  In both cases your intent is to create the best first impression.  Your goal is to lay the foundation for cultivating a long term relationship.  Here are some techniques to ignite that passion!  Forge an emotional connection! People are most likely to do business […]

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Capture the Hearts and Minds of Your Prospects

“Selling is a transfer of feelings,” says management guru, Zig Ziglar. Not only do people make buying decisions for rational reasons, but emotional factors play a key role, even at an unconscious level.  Making an emotional connection with customers is essential. Here are some tips on how to connect, whether meeting your prospects face-to-face, they […]

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Be Loyal To Your Existing Customers!

Whilst focusing on growing your business by attracting new customers is key, never lose sight of the importance of nurturing your existing customers.  They provide you with repeat business and can often be the source of a new opportunity. Strive to add value to the service you are supplying them, as there are always competitors, […]

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Go The Extra Mile in 2016!

What differentiates you from your competition?  How can you make that lasting impression on your customer to secure their unwavering loyalty Make sure you deliver on your promise We’ve all had that experience – a company states that its customers come first and then when we have a problem with their product or service, we […]

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