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3 Marketing Strategies to Stay on Top During Coronavirus

This week I overhead a business owner, whose business is closed during the lockdown, state that there’s no point in currently conducting marketing activities. This is a risky strategy…

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A Guaranteed Way To Grow Your Sales….

Can you identify with the situation where you’re not meeting your monthly sales targets?  You’re motivation and your confidence are taking a knock?  You’re blaming a tight economy… but are you in fact having the right sales conversations?   Here’s how to initiate these and with whom…

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Present Your Price with Confidence!

Stage fright!   Does this describe the feeling you have when presenting the price of your product or service to a prospect.  Your interaction up till that point goes well but suddenly when you get to the price reveal, you get all tongue tied and unsure of yourself. Here are 5 steps to assist you to […]

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It Pays NOT To Focus On The Bottom Line!

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Imagine implementing a Marketing campaign without the intent of making money.  This is exactly the strategy followed by UK food retailing group, East of England Co-Op.  They’ve found a way to address a major environmental problem in their industry, whilst simultaneously offering their shoppers a good deal. This highlights the importance of carefully evaluating those […]

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Bill Gates Gets Toppled

Bill Gates is no longer the richest man in the world.  On Friday, 27 October 2017, Jeff Bezos moved into this number one slot with Amazon’s share price rallying by 13.2%, giving Bezos a personal fortune of $93.1 billion ($3.1 billion more than Gates). One of the ways in which Jeff Bezos is spear heading […]

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IT Affects YOU Big-Time!

What is IT?  It’s change. We all experience change and in today’s fast paced world it’s coming at us at even faster rate.  We can make it our ally and embrace it; or we can hope it goes away and suffer the consequences.  (Just think of the demise of photographic giant, Kodak – they ignored […]

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Crack Your Bottom to Grow Your Top!

Sound like gobbledygook?  This is a strategy adopted by some very successful businesses. They establish themselves in the bottom end of the market and then expand, attracting top end clients.  They hone in on what consumers want, cut the frills and provide a low cost, quality product. Here’s the recipe that three companies, in very […]

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6 Minutes – That’s All It Takes To…

This is the length of “Bohemian Rhapsody”, rock star, Freddie Mercury and Queen’s first hit single in 1975.  6 minutes that launched them on their path to international fame that continues even today. This week I heard a radio interview with someone who knew Freddie Mercury well at college and it got me thinking about […]

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A Four Letter Word That Gets You The Best Return

The world is filled with marketing hype.  In fact it’s estimated that globally $500 million is spent on marketing hype annually. But should marketers instead be substituting that four letter word, “hype” for the simple word “help”.  The reason: focusing on determining how you can be useful to your customer provides you with the potential […]

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Donald Trump Resigns…

Yes indeed, fake news certainly grabs the attention!  It’s defined as the deliberate spreading of misinformation in print or broadcasting media and particularly in the online environment, where it can go viral and quickly spread. The introduction of fake news has reinforced in my mind how critical it is to build a brand in the […]

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