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Discover (Again) in 5 Minutes What Makes YOU Tick!

Have you ever wondered why you do what you do?  Why do you react in a certain way? What drives your decision-making, both in your personal and business life?

It’s that time of year when we wind down, kick off our shoes, feel the beach sand between our toes and do a bit of self-reflection.

Free Assessment

With this in mind, I’ve just completed the free online Personal Value Assessment provided by Barrett, experts in culture and leadership development.  It took me literally 2 minutes and 3 minutes later, I received a comprehensive report on the values I’d selected and what they reflect about me.

It’s a really worthwhile exercise and I’d encourage you to do it too.  You’ll find it at

Déjà Vu

If you were part of my community last year and this sounds familiar – it’s because it is!

I shared this exercise with you this time last year.   I’ve just re-taken the test and been so bowled over by the results that I’ve decided to send it to you for a second time.

(In 2016 I made significant changes to the way I do business, focusing on coaching business owners how to develop their own Marketing strategies and plans.  And you know what; my Personal Value Assessment results reflected this change!)

Our values show us what’s important to us and are a shorthand way of describing our individual motivations.  Values can be positive or fear-based and it’s the latter that are potentially limiting.

The Barrett report you receive will also include an exercise showing you how to grow the values you wish to enhance and build an action plan to support your own self-development.

So, whether you’re doing the exercise for the first time or you want to check out how you’ve changed since you took the test 12 months ago, here’s the link.  Go ahead and click on it now:

Here’s to happy holidays and a fortuitous 2017 for you and your loved ones!

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