What makes you do what you do and why do you react in a certain way?

Gain an insight into this question by taking the free Barrett Personal Values Assessment.  The exercise will literally take you 5 minutes from the time you highlight your selected values to the arrival of your free personal report in your e-mail inbox.

Why Are Values Important?

Our personal values are what motivate our behaviour and if you understand your values, you’re in a much better position to identify your needs and how to meet them in 2018.

Now our values can change over time – that’s why at the end of each year, I repeat the Barrett Personal Values Assessment.  It’s also the reason why for the past two years I’ve been offering you, as a member of my community, the opportunity to undertake this exercise.

Just Click Here

Here’s the link to the free assessment which is provided by internationally recognised culture management company, Barrett:

Not only will you find the results insightful, but there are also some exercises that allow you to explore your results further if you are so inclined.  And what’s more, it’s a really fun exercise too.

Thank You

Thanks for being part of my community in 2017.  Happy holidays and I look forward to chatting to you in the New Year!







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