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Effective Technique (and a GIFT) To Manage Your Business Stress

Below is just one of the stress relief exercises recommended by Bridget Edwards, a good friend of mine and author of the self-help and practical book, “Stress Gone!” Although this technique is simple, don’t underestimate its efficacy.  It’s also sufficiently discreet for you to use whenever and wherever you’re feeling anxious; be you about to deliver a keynote speech or chair a tense meeting.


Have you noticed how you or other people fidget with your hands and fingers when anxious? The reason is your body’s innate wisdom is trying to facilitate and release your stress.  Try this simple technique:

Firmly press the thumb of one hand into the centre of your palm on the other hand (the Pericardium point). Hold this pose for a few minutes while breathing deeply in and out a couple of times.  Continue to hold until you feel the stress release.  Repeat by swopping hands.  The Pericardium point (centre of your palm) can also be gently rubbed with your thumb to release anxiety.

How and why this works?

Keith Garofalo, an acupuncturist explains:

“In the system of meridian-style acupuncture, the Pericardium channel is paired with the Liver channel, so pressing this point will balance the liver channel and the liver organ itself. This is important because most stress patterns, from an acupuncture perspective, involve the liver.”

The good news is that Bridget’s book contains a whole chapter with a variety of highly effective stress relief exercises that are all simple, quick and easy to apply in any stressful situation!

Managing Your Stress

“Stress Gone!” provides a perfect understanding of how our stress receptors, known as the amygdala, work.  Bridget likens this limbic part of the brain, responsible for flight, fight or freeze stress response, to the ever-alert and vigilant Meerkat.  It’s continually on duty – scanning our environment for potential danger or threats. 

Mild stress is natural and positive as it helps us meet our daily challenges.  However, when a stressed business executive loses his or her cool during a management meeting, this inappropriate reaction, known as an ‘amygdala hijack’, could have devastating consequences, and be career limiting.

With awareness of how to recognise and respond constructively to stress, you can successfully manage it, and be less likely to become emotional, overwhelmed and react in an irrational manner.  (Situations we all want to avoid.)  Sometimes all that may be required is a simple adjustment in your perception.

Bridget’s Gift To YOU!

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