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Go The Extra Mile in 2016!

What differentiates you from your competition? 

How can you make that lasting impression on your customer to secure their unwavering loyalty

Make sure you deliver on your promise

We’ve all had that experience – a company states that its customers come first and then when we have a problem with their product or service, we meet resistance and red tape.

Simple as it sounds, just delivering on your brand promise, can go a long way in impressing your customers.  Today’s consumer is looking for authenticity and will reward a business that offers this.

Zappos put its best foot forward!

Zappos is an online shoe retailer based in the US.  Via its website, customers select and pay for shoes.  Once the shoes are delivered, its policy is to provide its customers with a period of a certain number of days to decide whether they’re happy, or wish to return their purchase and be refunded.

In a particular instance, the company became aware that one of its customers had bought shoes which she’d decided to return.  She hadn’t gotten round to contacting Zappos, however, as her mother had died suddenly and the window period for the return had expired.

Not only did Zappos organise to collect the shoes and refund this customer, but in addition, sent her a bowl of flowers as a condolence gesture.

Zappos was rewarded for its customer commitment when the client wrote on her blog about the excellent treatment she’d received.  This in turn generated an enormous amount of positive comments from other online consumers and no doubt, further business for Zappos! (Excerpt from eMarketing: The Essential Guide to Digital Marketing 4th Edition)

The Burning Question: How can you and your staff go the extra mile for your customers in 2016?

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