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Attract Your Ideal Customers. Grow Your Profits.

If You Can Watch Videos, Read Text and Follow Templates, I Can Launch You On Your Journey To Becoming A Marketing EXPERT For Your Product!

Now you can acquire the skills to implement Marketing that’s uniquely suited to the needs of your product and industry.

These Marketing gems have been applied by both new and seasoned business owners to attract their ideal customers and grow their bottom line.

Empower yourself to EFFECTIVELY Market Your Business

Mariette Malherbe
Mariette Malherbe Consulting

"Thanks to the Master Your Marketing Formula Coaching Programme(MYMF), I now have the confidence and knowledge to market my business - just what I needed as I embark on my new venture."

Colin Human 

Owner, GoalFix Financial Modellers 

"Since implementing the various MYMF strategies our inbound communications from prospective clients have increased by more than 30% and revenues by more than 20%. Thank you Master Your Marketing Formula!"

Master Your Marketing and Achieve Your Business Goals...

Step Forward Towards Financial Independence And Freedom Of Choice

So What Exactly Is Master Your Marketing Formula Coaching Programme?

It’s a 5 week 5 module online training programme (4 modules plus an extra bonus module) that teaches you a step-by-step process to implement Effective Marketing that will meet the unique needs of your business and industry.

It will provide you with a structured approach to plan your Marketing. And when you have a plan, your Marketing becomes easy, organised and impactful. You just work the plan.

Whether you are a would-be entrepreneur with a great business idea, a startup or a seasoned business owner ready to take their business to the next level, Master Your Marketing Formula can provide you with the skills you require to profitably achieve your business targets.

  • Imagine attracting customers who genuinely value what you do.

  • Imagine feeling in control of your business and your financial future.

  • Imagine how confident you will be with a concrete vision, clear goals and a Marketing roadmap to grow your business.
Johan CronjéOwner, Intégro Team Specialists

Two months after completing MYMF I signed up a new client for a 12 month team development project worth well over R200 000. It was a direct consequence of what I’d learnt on the Master Your Marketing Formula Coaching Programme.


  • Clarify your goals and develop a BIG Vision for your business.
  • Create uniqueness for your offering by turning it into a brand. This attracts customers and builds trust.
  • Explore the tools to launch and grow your business online to bolster your sales.
  • Understand how to convert prospects into paying customers and keep them loyal. It puts you in charge of your destiny and realises your dreams.
  • Learn how to evaluate the potential of Marketing activities before you invest in them. This keeps you focused on profitability and sets you on your path to financial freedom.
    • Garner skills to obtain FREE exposure for you and your product. This builds your authority and revenues.

“I’ve just held a health indaba. I followed MYMF and contacted the local media. One of the journalists actually attended the seminar. The result: a FREE write-up (worth R30 000 in advertising space).”

Brenda Scott, BeeZ HealthZ

  • Step-by-step, develop your expertise to draft an annual Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan suited to the UNIQUE needs of YOUR business and industry.

That’s what gives you a competitive advantage and puts you at the top of your game.


"It's really all about the transformation. Making sure you have the skills to grow and stretch realise your full potential and your aspirations."

The question is: Are YOU ready to step into a BIGGER Vision?

Here are the Modules in the MYMF Coaching Programme

All it takes is a Mentor and a Formula to Launch Your Master Your Marketing Journey!


Getting Started

You’ll acquire the tools to create your 3 or 5 year BIG business vision which is going to inspire and motivate you.


Module 1: Marketing Building Blocks

These are the core principles on which you build your Marketing expertise. It’s your foundation to Master Your Marketing and creating a powerful brand.


Module 2: Making Digital Work for YOUR Business

Discover how to do the thinking first before you venture online – build likeability, authority AND awareness. We’ll explore websites, writing online copy, your Avatar and selecting profitable digital tactics.


Module 3: The Marketing Planning Process Begins

You acquire the skills to implement your own research – that’s the crux to creating Marketing that delivers results for your business.


Module 4: Wear Your Marketing Hat

You learn the step-by-step process to draft and implement an annual Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan UNIQUELY suited to YOUR business. This is a priceless skill!


Ready to Master Your Marketing and achieve your business goals and your dreams of financial independence and freedom of choice?

Nicky Thomson
Nicky Thomson Art

“The Master Your Marketing Formula helped me establish excellent foundations for my art online business. I now know how to write online copy and offer great value to my community. I’ve increased my business revenue by 20%.”




Each module is delivered to you via a series of short videos, supported by transcripts, detailed templates, exercises for you to apply your learning and in some modules, practical case studies.

In total there are 27 training videos and over 30 downloadable resources.


Mastering your Marketing is an ongoing process, so modules are made available one at a time on a weekly basis each Monday, to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed and have the time to implement them fully.

It’s all about continually moving forward, taking incremental baby steps in your journey to becoming a Marketing Expert for your business.


You will have access to all the training and tools for as long as you need them. This means you can work through the 5 modules at your own pace and can return again to any specific aspect you want to master.


We’ve set up a dynamic series of support structures to keep you on track and support you every step of the way. From 3 live group training and Q&A sessions with me, a private MYMF community and customer support. We’re here to help you when and how you need us most.


The 3 live group sessions will be recorded for you to download and listen to again and again, whenever it is most convenient for you.

Mosidi Shomang 
Owner, Shomang Brokers

“Since implementing the Master Your Marketing Formula, my customer base has grown by 10% and my turnover by +23% in 12 months. For the short term insurance industry, that’s good growth and I’m very pleased.”

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Extra Module

Videos and transcripts

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Ask Shirley Training/Q&A

You get 3 group training/Q&A sessions – extra Marketing support for you.

Value: R2 592

MYMF Support Community

You join my MYMF Support Community - you never feel alone on your MYMF journey.

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Normal Selling Price

Special 2017 Registration

Getting Started

Module 1

Module 2 

Module 3

Module 4


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MYMF Support Community – R618

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No Risk to You

15-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. I understand I can use “Master Your Marketing Formula Coaching Programme” obligation free. I will receive online access to the Master Your Marketing Formula Coaching Programme Portal and if I’m not 100% satisfied, I’ll get my money back, no questions asked. I understand I must notify the Master Your Marketing Formula support team at within 15 days of having purchased the programme, if I want a refund.

I think you will agree that’s a pretty solid offer...

A note from Shirley...

I’m so looking forward to teaching you everything you need to know to implement effective Marketing for your business.

Once you know how to strategically plan and implement your Marketing – you’ve secured a competitive advantage in your industry. That’s how you grow your revenues.

Were you to hire a professional Marketer to develop your annual Marketing Plan, dependent on the size of your business, it will cost you anywhere between R30 000 and R50 000. I know because this is what I charge.

It is decision time. You’ve come to a crossroads.

If we were to meet 12 months from now would YOU be implementing the same Marketing approach as you currently are and achieving the same results?

Or would your life have changed because of your renewed approach to Marketing your business. Excellent cash flows, new lifestyle for you and your family, a new freedom?

You’re only one click away from....

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R6 997 (South African Rand)

Normal selling price = R10 497

Save R3 500 + receive R6 460 additional BONUS value

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