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Mental Triggers Work Online!

Last week I signed up a new client who wants to start promoting her art tutoring online. She’d heard that I’m a Quirk Accredited Digital Marketer and knew that I’ve recently completed Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula course.  He’s a real guru when it comes to launching online products. 

I’d like to share with you what Jeff says about using mental triggers in your e-mail marketing campaigns. 

Build a Community

Define your target market and then develop an e-mail database of people who are in your selected niche.  You want to build a relationship with them and create a sense of community when you send your group broadcast messages and newsletters.

Do this by incorporating phrases in your communication such as, “Thanks for being part of my community.”  This automatically triggers a feeling in your readers of being nurtured and belonging.

Make It Personal

The secret to good online writing is that it’s personal.  Remember that, although you are writing to a group of people, there’s only one person in front of that laptop or mobile, reading your message.  Use “you” and “your” and not “we” and “our”.

Every now and then include a fact about yourself, just as I did by mentioning my new client, the art teacher.  This makes you human, as they get a glimpse of who you are.

Social Proof

We all like the reassurance, particularly before making a purchase, that someone else has previously bought the product and been happy with it.  Online testimonials are powerful and research indicates that 95% of people believe that they are just as credible as a face-to-face recommendation.

Include testimonials in your website copy and when you pitch your product to your community.

Be Consistent

I always recommend to clients that when they first build a database and start communicating, that they don’t over commit themselves.  If you have a busy schedule, then don’t start by launching a weekly newsletter.

Rather communicate with your audience once a month and do it consistently.  You can always move to a bi-monthly communication and then a weekly one, when you are ready to manage that commitment.

Regular communication with your database is essential as you want to keep the relationship warm, as Jeff Walker terms it. 

Tell A Story

Since time immemorial humans have loved stories.  We remember them and we tend to pass them on.  That’s just how we’re wired.

Include stories in your online content.  When you explain a concept, do so by relating a story.  People will grasp and remember what you’ve said.  It’s far more effective than just communicating the theory.

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