Working With Shirley

Shirley specialises in finding a unique marketing strategy for your product – and compelling ways to promote it.

Her assignments span a myriad of industries – including information technology to tourism, food to pharmaceuticals, engineering to education, as well as mining, armaments, banking, cosmetics, cellular technology. This has equipped her to provide expert marketing guidance and support to enterprises of any size in any sector.

Shirley's Services Include:

Research Insights

Launching a new business or product is a cash-intensive undertaking and, in today’s economy, it’s vital to ascertain the market potential before you commit to costly launch activities. Equally, it’s essential for you to establish whether your existing marketing strategies remain relevant in the face of changes in your consumer’s buying behaviour.

Shirley will conduct dipstick research to:

  • Develop a feel for the possible size of your market;
  • Examine your competitive landscape, including online assets and how the market players are positioned (i.e. their product benefits, pricing, packaging, consumer message and distribution);
  • Provide consumer feedback.

With these valuable insights, gaps are typically revealed in the market that can help you to make more informed business decisions and gain a competitive advantage.

To discuss your requirements, please contact Shirley.


If managing a small or medium-sized business, you may face a dilemma when it comes to marketing: you recognise the value the function can add but often can’t justify a dedicated marketing resource. Though your business is focused on growth and needs an effective marketing strategy, it’s a stretch for a member of the management team (who’s probably already multi-tasking) to take on responsibility for developing and implementing it.

Drawing from a wealth of consulting experience in 25 industries, Shirley specialises in developing strategic marketing plans that will support your business objectives. Plans are customised and encompass both offline and online activities.

In the event that you have an existing plan, we’re happy to review it and help to implement it too.

To discuss your requirements, please contact Shirley.

Marketing Implementation

Once an effective marketing plan is in place, the next step is marketing implementation. While the large corporates often have in-house resources or a network of suppliers to handle the specialist tasks, few small to medium-sized companies do.

Shirley has built a well-established, trusted team of affiliates who are on hand to provide your business with professional, specialist marketing support which will meet both your deadline and budget.

This support includes graphic designers, copy writers and online content providers, public relations specialists, web designers, Google Analytics specialists, photographers, focus group co-ordinators, market researchers, signage specialists, event planners, media planners, promotional item suppliers, exhibition stand designers and experiential marketers.

To discuss your requirements, please contact Shirley.

Tactical Promotions

Your business may wish to attract a new market segment, to launch into the online space or introduce a new product in a new market.

Whatever your objective, Marketing Breakthroughs has the experience to know what works and what doesn’t, and will work effectively with you to strategise and implement relevant and creative tactical marketing promotions and campaigns.

Marketing Breakthroughs has a wealth of industrial, commercial and professional services' experience to offer your business.

To discuss your requirements, please contact Shirley.

In-house Marketing Resource

For companies that have a marketing team, momentum can be lost when a valued staff member leaves and there is a vacancy to be filled, or when the team is under-resourced. Especially when the deadline for a key assignment is looming.

Marketing Breakthroughs has the expertise and experience to walk straight into any marketing assignment and add value from the word go. Long or short term, on-site or off-site, Shirley Anthony will work as a member of your team and tailor the service to meet the needs of your business.

To discuss your requirements, please contact Shirley.


Whether the gathering is a group of entrepreneurs, a small business or corporate function, Shirley will meet with you beforehand to understand your aims and goals, customising her presentation to suit the specific needs of your business. Her diverse Marketing consulting experience, together with managing her own consulting practice, has given her first-hand insight into the challenges business owners face and possible solutions for overcoming them.

In addition to addressing local audiences, she has presented to international seminar groups of over 500 people in London, Amsterdam, Bangalore, Singapore and Bucharest.

To discuss your requirements, please contact Shirley.

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