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Woo Your Customers!

There are strong similarities between customer prospecting and the dating game.  In both cases your intent is to create the best first impression.  Your goal is to lay the foundation for cultivating a long term relationship.  Here are some techniques to ignite that passion! 

Forge an emotional connection!

People are most likely to do business with those with whom they feel comfortable.  Prior to meeting your prospects, research them and their companies on Google.

When you can show a potential customer that you have knowledge about them and their business, making that emotional connection is so much easier.  You immediately lay the foundation for a good working relationship.

Listen first

Your objective should be to understand your prospect’s challenges – if you do, you have a better chance of providing a solution to meet their needs.  Instead of talking too much about what YOU can offer, ask relevant questions and encourage your would-be customer to open up about their business.

At the end of the meeting, summarise your understanding of what you’ve heard – this is an affirmation that you have been listening attentively.

I have a colleague who spends his first meeting with potential new clients only listening and not offering any solutions.  This technique allows him to organise a second meeting at which he can further cement the relationship, whilst making his proposal.

Serve before you sell

All of us can relate to the experience of having an overzealous sales person put pressure on us to make a purchase.  Instead of this approach, show your would-be customer that you are willing to make an investment and offer them value first.

Perhaps consider providing a free sample of your product or free trial of your service.  This will generate good will and trust.  It also demonstrates your 100% belief in your offering. 

Deliver on your promise

With the startling growth of social media, companies that do not deliver on their customer commitments are now being taken to task publicly.  Car manufacturer, VW is testimony to this, with the company recently having been unmasked as cheating on emission testing.  The result is that VW’s share price has fallen dramatically and the brand’s relationship with consumers has been seriously damaged.  http://www.bbc.com/news/business-34324772

Today’s customer enjoys the power of the mouse. They will only reward and be loyal to those businesses that deliver on their promises.  In today’s Internet connected environment, good business policy is to foster the relationship with a customer by rather under promising and over delivering.

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