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You Can Be Live On TV for FREE

We all know the value of live TV coverage.  It instantly gets you and your product in front of masses of people.  It builds your authority in your industry and your brand.  The more people know you and your product, the greater your sales and your profits.  

So what if there was a way to obtain FREE TV publicity?  And there is.  

Be Live TV is a free app which you can download to your browser.  It allows you to schedule Facebook live streaming sessions and to post communication about your upcoming session on your Facebook newsfeed page.  

There’s even an option for online viewers to save the time of your broadcast and get a reminder beforehand.  

Be Live TV also provides you with the opportunity to bring a remote guest into your broadcast and to share your screen.  

Last week I took the plunge and interviewed my first guest, Liesl Allen, using Be Live TV.  

Liesl is an expert in entrepreneurship and lectures the subject at the AAA School of Advertising in Johannesburg.  

Our topic “The Power Of Investing IN YOU, The Entrepreneur.”

We reached 963 people, had 395 views of the video (which you can record and post on your FB page thereafter) and received a whole lot of likes and great comments.  

Here’s the link for you to check it out:

Be Live TV is accessible via

So get out there and start generating rave reviews for you and your product!

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